The project is part of the programme area "Language in the Public Domain" within the "Central Research Unit" of the IDS. Our team reaches across departments.

Project Management:

Prof. Dr. Henning LobinProject director (IDS Director and Head of Central Research Unit)

Prof. Dr. Arnulf Deppermann: Project director (Head of Department of Pragmatics )


Research staff:

Dr. Ibrahim Cindark: ethnography and integration course survey

Santana Overath M.A.Ethnography and dissertation project

David Hünlich, PhD:integration course survey and ethnography

Dr. Sascha Wolfer (Abteilung Lexik): statistical analysis and data visualisation


Cartography and data visualisation:

Dr. Christian Lang(Department of Grammar)


Research assistants until now:

Jamal Alahmadi Almuhamad, Kristin Bauer, Inanna Berger, Sina Djemai, Oleksandra Gubina, Peter Gyülvészi, Marc Oberle, Romina Ott.